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Helta Group AG began its activities in 2002 in various fields of Engineering, Services and Trade by employing local and internationally staff. We offer our customers a wide range of Business services, especially organizational development of large projects and designing financing options, Technical information, Technology transfers and lobbying our customers on Europe and Middle East Markets.

Goods production without factory based on orders with the company’s logo. These products include raw materials, semi-manufactured product, machinery, laboratory equipment and final products. In this regard, the company has received valid certificates for its goods from centers with international reputation and now it is accrediting in some way so that the company’s logo and accreditation cause significant changes in the supply of goods which is followed by the dramatic development of the market.

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Huge choice and variety of product

Highly visible branded packaging

Dynamic promotional products

Dynamic promotional products

12 month no quibble guarantee

75,000 square foot warehouse with over 6000 pallet positions